A Letter to My Muddy Horse...

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Dear Horse, I know it’s April, and we prayed all winter long for the bitter cold to end. And it did, it finally did. I love that I can go to the barn without 17 layers on to see you! I love that you can be outside playing with your friends without three layers of blankets. It’s wonderful! It’s fabulous! It’s finally WARM!Image Unfortunately, this Spring is not without its challenges. You see, the last few times I have visited the farm, I have been greeted by a nearly unrecognizable creature! One that is brown and slimy! One that is crusty and dusty! One that has dreadlocks though mane and tail, resembling Medusa! This surely cannot be my HORSE? But, much to my dismay, it is you… I know you worked all day on this, and I really appreciate your dedication toward this task, but can you PLEASE cut me a break! I will let you be for today… all muddy, dusty and crusty. As I know you have enjoyed getting to this point (insert visual of: left side rolling, stand, buck, rear…right side rolling, stand buck, rear, gallop away). But tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow, you WILL get your first bubble bath of the year. Be prepared. Sincerely, Your Owner
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