Tack Trunk Feeling Light?

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It’s August, that means the summer show season is beginning to wrap up, and finals and indoor shows will soon be upon us – crazy to think! It is also this time of year my traveling tack trunk begins to feel a little lighter, which makes sense, because I’ve used my fly spray, show sheen, shampoo and other grooming essentials all season long. August is a good restocking month – first, because you can prepare for fall and winter shows by taking an inventory of all your grooming and tack supplies, and second, because all the tack shops are having end of season sales (SAVINGS!) Fly spray – the bottle is almost empty, that’s for sure. The good news is, you won’t need fly spray in the fall! But, this is the best time to buy it! It doesn’t go bad, often it’s ON SALE, and you can keep it for next show season. Hoof polish – I feel like this is the item that I waste the most of, and I always need to refill at the end of summer. Globbed on, knocked over, lid leaks. You just use a ton of it at horse shows. But, shiny feet never go out of style! You need it, even for indoors! Shampoo – yes, I have probably bought more shampoo this summer than last! And for those of you with colorful, gray and light-colored horses, you might as well take stock in Quic Silver! But there is nothing worse than realizing you are out of shampoo while you are at the show! Snag up a bottle or two now! Coat products – It doesn’t matter which brand you prefer, but this is certainly a good time to check the status on your hair polish and detanglers. As you prepare for the winter months, you can’t have enough of the green spot remover for those quick touch-ups at the show when a full bath is just not feasible. Restock this month. First aid – whether its ointment, vet wrap or liniment, check your supply. I know I go through a TON of Vetrolin through the summer, but it is also one of my favorite products to use in the winter as well. August is also a great month to check your tack and show clothes. Need new hairnets? Have you lost a glove? Did your horse eat through your reins at some point? It is certainly better to be safe than sorry! Pick a nice day to empty your tack trunk like I recently did in the photo above. Take inventory and get to your favorite tack shop to help you replenish. Good luck to everyone heading to finals and as you start the indoor circuit! [polldaddy poll=8246764]

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