"Returning Amateur" from "Horse Show Hiatus"

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“The Horse Show Hiatus” - that time in your life between college, finding a real job, getting married and starting a family. Many of us go through it. Its life’s slap in the face that you are now an adult and your parents no longer pay for the pastime that consumed much of your childhood and teen years. Of course, you could potentially count on one hand how many times you have actually shown during the “Horse Show Hiatus” – you’ve hacked your friend’s horse in the under saddle, or you had a catch-ride opportunity from an old trainer. Heck, you may have even been the leader in a lead line class, but needless to say, your showing days slowed immensely. Jump ahead a few years, and you become “The Returning Amateur.” You have your life in order (somewhat), which gives you enough free time to get a couple lessons a week or lease a horse. If you are feeling ambitious, perhaps you have even bought your child their first pony. Yay, let’s get back in the show ring! Unfortunately, the trending styles when you were showing are now gone, and you feel like you stick out like a sore thumb! So, it is time to get you outfitted on a budget! Helmet – For safety reasons, you are supposed to replace your helmet every five years. For fashion reasons, your old-school IRH or original Charles Owen just look amiss in a sea of GPA Speed Airs, Charles Owen AYR8s, One K Defenders and Samshields. There is a new, fashionable, safe helmet for every budget. Show coat – If it has been a few years since you have shown, you likely have a wool or wool-blend show coat. Sure, it still looks great, but we all know how quickly they can raise your body temperature while standing at the in-gate, and let’s not even talk about the costs around getting them dry cleaned after.every.show! Well, since your have been on your “Horse Show Hiatus” technology has taken over! Soft-shell show coats are offered by almost all of your favorite brands! Light weight, stretchy, breathable AND machine washable! Again, you can find one of these great coats to fit your budget. Breeches – Technology has taken over here too! No more scratchy, thick, dry-clean-only options. Today’s breeches no longer cover your bellybutton or make your butt look five miles long, but you now have low-rise and mid-rise options for optimum comfort! Oh, and did we mention, some of these breeches are stain-proof? Yep – watch this video! Boots – If you haven’t noticed, most riders wear custom, semi-custom, or custom-looking boots. If you are still rocking the saggy-ankle, leather-look-a-like boot in the show ring, you need to upgrade. The great thing is, many of your favorite, trusted brands now make a fitted boot that looks custom, without the custom price tag! Comfort, style, real leather, and a boot for every budget! Show shirt – if you haven’t yet discovered the awesomeness of the IceFill, moisture-wicking, cooling, fitted, tailored show shirt, PLEASE do yourself a favor and make that be one of your first purchases. Furthermore, gone are the days of lost ratcatchers – welcome to the world of wrap-collars. So, for all of you “Returning Amateurs,” we wish you great success getting back into the show ring this spring. Now you can do it in style!

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