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0200564__64654_zoom Comfort and performance. Two words that have attached themselves to almost every riding apparel product out there. But what exactly does all this “technology” do for us as riders? Are my breeches today really better than the breeches I rode in as a teen? Yes, yes, they are. So, let’s talk technology – apparel technology!
  • Show Coats – I still have my very first show coat from when I was about 7. It’s heavy, it’s boxy, it’s wool. Thank goodness that in the last 20+ years, designers have taken the hint from other athletic apparel companies and have transformed the show coat industry! Today, fabrics are light and cool (hello summer sun and heat), stretchy (won’t be busting out of those seams when you get left behind at that fence), machine washable (SAY-WHAT?!) and figure flattering (nope, that’s not a Lego riding that horse). Each brand has their own special blend of “comfort and performance,” check out what’s new here:
    • RJ Classics – Their XTREME show coat collection includes softshell materials that contain washable ingredients, and are stain resistant and water repellant.
    • Romfh - Made with a lightweight breathable microfiber softshell fabric, their coats are easy care and machine washable.
  • Schooling Breeches – Growing up, I typically lessoned in jeans and half chaps. My schooling breeches were cotton, hot in the summer, easily stained, and always ripped when out on a trail riding adventure. Today, I still wear jeans a majority of the time, but I have a handful of schooling breeches that have certainly withstood the tests of time.
    • Kerrits – are one of the best schooling brands out there, and their technology has come a LONG way. Ice Fil® fabric lowers your skin’s temperature up to 5 degrees and contains UPF 50+ sun protection. Easy wash and dry!
  • Show Breeches - Show breeches have improved vastly. No more heavy, scratchy dry-clean only options. You can get the classic style with all the tech bells and whistles.
    • Tredstep - lightweight yet flattering TS Evolution fabric provides 4-way stretch and NanoSphere technology naturally repels water, dirt, and oil to keep your breeches looking great and reduce the need for frequent washing.
  • Show Shirts – Advanced fabrics now block UV rays, are moisture-wicking and cooling. MUCH different from the typical boxy cotton button-downs from a few years back.
    • RJ Classics - breathable, stretch fabric and underarm mesh panels will keep you cool and comfortable even during the toughest of competition.
Take advantage of these new technologies, whether for schooling or show. You can be comfortable and cool, protected from the elements and withstand the wear and tear of being at the barn. What do you look for in riding attire?

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