International Women’s Day

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In the equestrian industry, women break stereotypes.  

We partake in one of the very few sports where men and women compete alongside one another. Where women are dominant – over 90% of the industry is female – riders, owners, trainers, breeders, business owners and more.

Women are kicking ass.

So, on International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to toot our own horn, and profile one badass business owner, boss, momma and the fearless leader here at The Carousel Horse: Kim Sasse

An equestrian since childhood, Kim grew up riding and horse showing, and into adulthood, working alongside her sister to manage a boarding facility in Butler, PA. After marriage and kids, Kim knew she needed to take a step back from the hands-on environment of farm management, but certainly wanted to keep rooted in the equestrian industry.

Putting to use her Business Management degree, Kim started a small, online retail business in 2008, selling equestrian apparel and tack via her website and eBay, sending out shipments from her basement with the help of a few part-time employees. When she began her journey, Kim was looking to give riders in Western Pennsylvania and across the country an option to purchase quality equestrian products at affordable prices.

Her business grew immensely over the years and she expanded rider apparel and horse wear options for various disciplines, bringing on new brands and vendors.

The Carousel Horse outgrew the confinements of her basement, and in the Fall of 2015, Kim took a leap and opened the store’s brick and mortar location in Cabot, PA, just minutes outside of historic Saxonburg, which was quite the labor of love! The space was crafted with a boutique feel in mind, and driven by a love of all things equestrian. Around every corner there is something that catches your eye.

With the store now open six days a week and a staff of nine full and part-time employees, Kim finds herself BUSY balancing the craziness of owning a business with the joys of being an active boy mom.

And despite big-name competitors, The Carousel Horse continues to GROW. The solid foundation Kim built this company on 11 years ago has given it strength to expand and evolve in new directions, and we are all excited to see where it will go!

So on this day, and EVERY DAY, we give big props to all those ladies out there (like Kim) who have a dream and chase it, wear multiple hats, take on new challenges, and work so hard to better themselves and those around them.

You. Are. Badass.

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